Delamere Forest (2012)



‘The reflections abolished the supports, and now words abolish the reflections.’

This project’s premise was to take a new perspective on space within a different environment in order to explore new techniques. By looking at the woodland landscape, several lines of enquiry emerged that separate the space photographed with the use of colour and the interplay with the horizon through closeness or obscurity, and ultimately reflections upon the water. Although these new methods generate a separation, the photograph paradoxically connects itself again to the land, in hopes to redefine the space for the viewer.

The reflections take hold of the project in a new way by framing the water to suggest a real environment to the audience. However, visual clues from the obscurity of the water, or parts of the original environment are present within the photographs and blend together the two spaces. The “imagined becomes part of the real” within the photographs and consequently, “the real becomes part of the imagined.”