House of Leaves (2012)

Untitled sequence (The corridor)  


Box photographs (Sculptures) close ups


Exhibition views


Charlotte Fox’s work presents itself through simple and quiet photographs, expressing the fragile nature of the ‘experienced space’, the space which manifests itself “in concrete human life.”[1] These everyday spaces are documented before the photographs are displaced to create a new image to the viewer. Fox’s artwork aims to allow the audience to reconsider the everyday space.

Current work takes the influence from Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves, a fictional book that acts as a document to the happenings within a house in Virginia. What is taken from House of Leaves for Fox is the nature of the realm beyond the door, how it shifts and changes upon the characters experiences within that space. After all, space “is in a sense actuated by the ensemble of movements deployed within it.”[2]

By creating cardboard spaces no bigger than a foot high, Fox allows herself to create temporary environments, where photographs and light are projected to change the space. These are documented and displayed as own spaces and presence in their own right. Her photography subtly shows its own house of leaves – that experienced space which once existed in that particular moment.


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[2] Ed. Doherty, Claire “Situation” extract from ‘Spaces’ and ‘Places’ by Michel de Certeau. Whitechapel Gallery The MIT Press, Cambridge p.118