Time and Place (2013)

Point 1 to 4 – Winter on Sea – 09.04.2013


Recording 1 (Shifts 1 to 6) – Winter on Sea – 10.04.2013

Never monotonous, the alternative viewpoints revealed by the mirrored surface, alert us to the passing of time, and the subtle, shifting nature of the earth. As though it was seemingly bound by nothing, these photographs document the infinitesimal fluctuations in the landscape from a natural external process – the passing of time. By exploring the process of mapping as a tool, this project aims to document the unique divergences at either time or location specific intervals. The use of the mirror is to offer not only a unique perspective but to also highlight how a small area in the landscape can be significantly different to the next.

Within the series Recording 1, it documents the tidal process as a poetic correlation to the passing of time, as this process is personified due to its natural and immediate erosion. Under one minute, these photographs document the unique variations in a one set point in the landscape. Ultimately, these photographs are aiming to highlight what is happening around us of the understated changes that occur on a constant basis.